Elisabeth Fleming-Prot, LMT, Professional Bowenwork Practitioner, Certified Manual 

Lymphatic Drainage Therapist

WA License#  MA 00019390


Elisabeth is a graduate of Klose Training, The Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia, and Seattle’s Brenneke School of Massage (now Cortiva Institute), and has a BA in Spanish from the University of Virginia.  She also attended the Seattle Midwifery School for doula training and lactation educator training. Elisabeth has lived in France, Virginia, Washington DC and San Francisco before settling down in Seattle.

She loves to relax with her family, read and walk around the neighborhood playing Pokemon Go.  She is currently obsessed with Barre class, and has enjoyed yoga, Pilates, riding (dressage in particular), and snowboarding.

Pregnancy and the postpartum period are times of change, joy and challenge. Elisabeth enjoys helping parents adjust with bodywork.  She also enjoys supporting breastfeeding mothers and babies, and the people who love them.


Elisabeth finds helping clients overcome chronic work- and life-related discomfort especially rewarding.  As she explores more gentle therapies such as Bowenwork and MLD, she is thrilled with the excellent results her clients are receiving from them.  Her favorite muscles include levator scapula, piriformis and tibialis anterior.

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