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Au revoir Paris, bonjour Saint Malo!

Updated: Sep 10

First a screenshot of the Eiffel Tower fireworks show for the 14th of July celebration. We didn’t make it out to see them but I heard some of the booms, and I got a great show on TV.

Today we tidied up and packed our bags (did our bags get smaller? Did our stuff get bigger?) and said goodbye to the cute Parisian apartment. We took the Paris bus (which was a new experience for everyone), and arrived at the Gare Montparnasse. « It’s like an airport », Claire said. European train stations are a bit like an airport, with many many trains and people leaving and arriving. Then we boarded our TGV (high speed train).

We took a taxi to the apartment in the fortified city of St. Malo. The taxi driver was a creative finder of parking space, « what’s that beeping sound for? ». Um, that would be the pole you’re currently backing into. Thank goodness it was bendy.

Our apartment has a great location, a block from the ramparts and the beach. It seems huge compared to our previous home. The girls still share a bedroom, but there’s a living room with a big table we can all eat at together, and the kitchen and bathroom are quite spacious. AND THERE‘S A DISHWASHER!

We walked around the ramparts and the city. We could see Dinard, the beach resort town across the bay, where Elisabeth used to go as a kid, and that Steve and Elisabeth visited in 2004. Elisabeth explained to her horrified children the joy of capturing tiny shrimp in tide pools in the rocks on the beach. We walked back through the city and had dinner at a crêperie (crepes are a regional specialty in Brittany, along with cider and butter/cheese).

The weather here is in the mid 70s, perfect temperature after the Paris « canicule » (heatwave).

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