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Crossing the continental divide, big sky, and the loss of Mr. Pickles

Updated: Sep 10

After a much needed rest at in Spokane and another walk by the raging river, we set off, headed to Bozeman Montana.

About 20 minutes into the drive, Claire said, “I can’t find Mr. Pickles”. We had checked the hotel room thoroughly before we left, and we were pretty certain he had gotten packed up with all of our other stuff. So we had a brief moment of alarm and then decided it was going to be fine. It was not fine. When we got to Bozeman and unpacked, no sign of Mr. Pickles. Mr. Pickles is a green squishmellow, in case you were wondering. I have called the hotel and they have not seen him yet, though they promised to let us know if Mr. Pickles is found. We will update you with any developments.

The weather in Spokane was grey this morning and drizzling, but it got cloudier and more menacing as we drove on towards Idaho and Montana.

We drove up and up through the cloudy, foggy, and rainy mountains, through Idaho and into Montana. We drove by so many storage places (who is using them? What are they storing?) We passed the continental divide and and RV park that was originally a camping place for Lewis and Clark. And as the sky turned blue, we arrived in Bozeman and pulled into the Three Rivers Hotel.

What can we say about this hotel? Ample parking. It’s a square, with a field in the center of the hotel. Convenient for Bailey! And many paintings of wildlife. And, most importantly, it had a room available at the last minute.

Bailey seems to like it!

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