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Down Time at Gramma’s and so many cute dogs

We are in the land of the Flemings! We stayed in a hotel for three nights but saw family during that time and then moved in to Gramma’s on Monday.

The hotel was …adequate. Dogs were forbidden to walk through the lobby, so we had to use a side door that didn’t unlock with the hotel key and had to be propped even though it had a sign on it saying NOT to prop it open. There was some auto maintenance going on in the parking lot late into the night. But the buffet breakfast was delicious, and the room was large enough for us to move around.

From cookouts to pool parties, the various Fleming siblings have welcomed us. We saw everyone at Patti’s on Saturday and at Beth’s on Tuesday. In between, the girls (and Bailey) have been enjoying the lake. We played a fierce game of Scrabble, a marathon game of Uno! (nooo, not the Shuffle Hands card!), and have been getting acquainted with the dangers of Gramma’s back yard (mostly watching out for poison ivy and bugs).

These are the grandchildren and partners with Gramma at Patti’s.

Claire has been reunited with Mr. Pickles! Both are very happy.

We left Bailey at Gramma’s by herself while we went to one of these get togethers, and we came home to Bailey waiting for us by the door. We thought we had put her in her crate? And then we saw this:

Bad dog Bailey and RIP travel crate. She was apparently just extra anxious about being left alone in a strange place. The good news is she didn’t try to break Reggie the puppy out of his crate, and she didn’t eat any of the three bags of dog food that were sitting on the floor.

Claire and Louise have been enjoying Andrew’s new puppy Reggie. He is the cutest. Bailey is not that interested, but she did allow him to walk her in the yard.

We saw Hank the tiny and fierce chihuahua at Aunt Beth’s, and the girls were in love. Hank very nearly got relocated/stolen to Gramma’s.

It’s been nice to settle in one place and get acclimated to warmer weather. We are fine tuning our final packing plans because it seems pretty warm in France right now.

The wifi here is spotty so I’m not updating as often. But we leave on July 6th and fly to Iceland!

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