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Egun on Biarritz! (Hello Biarritz!)

Updated: Sep 10

We are here in Basque Country! It is beautiful and we cannot believe this is the last leg of our France trip.

Of course, before we left St. Malo, we had to mark the occasion with crêpes. We sat at an outside table in a small restaurant in a narrow street and almost got run over several times. We saw a British lady scrape the side of her car. It was all very exciting, but maybe a little bit more excitement than we wanted. Louise and Claire decided to have dessert:

Steve and Elisabeth did their duty as parents and helped their daughters finish those enormous desserts.

We walked home, packed, and said goodbye to the corsair city. All of us really liked it, and we hope to return soon!

This is the St. Malo ermine, a symbol of the city. We like that it looks like it is wearing a superhero cape.

Our trip to Biarritz was a bit rough. The itinerary we picked had more train connections, which we now know was not great. Also, our last train was packed—we found out the neighboring city of Bayonne is having its yearly festival this week and through the weekend—so there was less room for us to store our bags. The train was late because of a signal problem, and then we had to wait for a cab when we got to Biarritz. So far the most travel problems we’ve had, and if this is as bad as it gets, we’ll take it.

The apartment is very cute, and the location is great, very convenient to the beach and to neighborhood shopping. We are in the middle of it all. We prepared the girls that they would have to share a bunkbed, and they were eventually fine with it :). The apartment does have a nice living room area with lots of different seating, so we can be together without being too together. The decor is lovely, with unexpected colorful light fixtures and little sea stars on the wallpaper in the bathroom, and the kitchen is well equipped and convenient. The shower and the ceilings are all human height, which is nice for the taller people in the family. The wifi, once we got the password right, is fast, which will make this blog easier.

We did find out that despite being on a tiny street across from the police department and city hall, nighttime gets noisy! From trucks to people making the most of their Wednesday night, to someone very concerned for Lola (?), there was a lot going on. We will have to see if this is every night or just a fluke.

We went swimming today, and it was really fun, with big waves and very temperate water.

There is a lot of surfing here, and many great restaurants. We found a bistrot at the end of our street, we went there for lunch today, and it was delicious. There is a lot of seafood here, and the area is known for Bayonne ham (smoked ham) and Piment d’Espelette (a particular red pepper used for seasoning). We can’t wait to experience more of what Biarritz and the surrounding areas have to offer!

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