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Enfin Paris! (Paris at last!)

Updated: Sep 10

Iceland was nice, but it was time to move on to the main course: France. We admired the Reykjavik airport—there was a super cool mural of comic book characters and stained glass—resisted the urge to buy an Icelandic sweater, and left with no delays. For those of you following the news of strikes in airports in Paris starting today, the parties came to an agreement apparently.

We had a great taxi driver from the airport to our apartment, and he caught me up on what has been going on in Paris and on the strikes (he said beware of September). He was delighted with our itinerary, said the cities we are visiting are beautiful, and then dropped us off in front of our new apartment in Paris.

The place is cute and will suit our needs perfectly. Shout out to the host who was very proactive and gave us all the information we needed. The apartment is on the third floor of a charming older building off a private paved alley and a courtyard. It is very quiet even though we are in a bustling neighborhood full of students and folks enjoying the terrasses of the many cafes and bistros.

This is the view from our window. We have exposed timber beams and a lovely cool tile floor. We are planning to leave the windows open all night.

Apparently James Joyce finished Ulysses here while living with another famous author?

Once we got settled we went out to find the Carrefour City (picture a miniature Safeway designed for a city) and bought some staples, found a boulangerie and bought a baguette (one euro) and had dinner at home.

It was perfect.

Tomorrow we are starting later (hello jetlag!) but we have a relatively busy schedule since some of the places we were planning on seeing later on in the week were full.

It was sunny and in the 80s today, a nice change from what we had yesterday.

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