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Extra: not just good pastries

First, I just wanted to leave this street sign here:

St. Malo is an old city, and, consequently, it has old city street names. We saw a street today called “Rue des vieux ramparts” (street of the old ramparts) but was subtitled “jadis rue des cochons” (formerly street of the pigs). I bet property values went up when they changed the name. This picture above is the street of the drinking magpie. I mean, I would also drink if I was a magpie in such a seagull dominated town.

We had already discovered the restaurant/cafe Récit de Voyage (Travel Story) as having the best pastries. (Going to all the bakeries was difficult, but we did it). They had a brunch advertised, and this morning we thought, why not go to brunch? They had a table available.

We were expecting maybe a menu, or a choice of several items. We suspected there might be tacos, because there were frequently tacos on display. But we had not been able to see a menu online or at the restaurant. It turns out, brunch was a fixed menu type of situation, with:

A basket of pastries/bread

A hot drink (choice of chai, coffee drink, hot chocolate, tea)

A cold drink (choice of a lemonade (lemon and basil), or a juice (melon, orange and strawberry))


Tacos (Chicken curry & Feta, guacamole and apple)


Halfway through, when the waiter came to clear our ravaged but not empty basket of bread goods, we told him no. Little did we know that we would not want any more food after we ate the rather large tacos.

Thankfully, they made us ”un doggy bag”, so we can have more delicious tacos in the future at home. Claire kept saying, “I thought I could order only one pastry”. It was a lot of food. And it was all delicious. And did I mention it was 26 Euros per person ($26)?

Also, most of the restaurants we have been to here have amazing rustic style stoneware dishes. You can see some of them in the pictures. Pottery is a local thing, but more so the ornate decorated kind, and we are trying to figure out if this other style is a local product too or just trendy.

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