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Fort La Latte

Updated: Sep 10

We kept the uncomfortable and not peppy car overnight so we could drive West of St. Malo to Fort La Latte/Chateau Goyon, the epitome of what a castle should be.

Fort La Latte is on a point of land right on the ocean, and you can see a lot of the coast from the walls, including St. Malo. It has two drawbridges, a big and fierce keep, and lots of very thick walls. It also has a robust social media presence, apparently.

This is a battering ram with a ram head.

We ate our sandwiches before getting in the car and driving back.

So. Driving in Brittany (and Normandy). It’s a whole thing. The beautiful hedgerows between the fields? Also border the roads. And the roads can be very narrow. And they don’t have a shoulder. So if, for example, an enormous tractor is coming at you, and you didn’t get the extra insurance on your rental car, and the tractor stops an inch away from you, and you are wondering exactly how close to the ditch your tires can go, things can get tense. We learned to fear the signs that said “this road is not recommended for camping vans and RVs.” Several times, Elisabeth questioned whether we were on a one-way street.

We returned the car and made our way back to St Malo unscathed.

Today we took it easy and visited “La Maison du Beurre” (the house of butter). It was amazing. Cheese was purchased. Then Steve and Elisabeth stopped for a refreshing beverage, and watched other people struggle with narrow streets and bad driving choices.

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