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Gladiators, Seattle friends, and naps

Updated: Sep 10

As you may have been able to tell from the last post, we have been doing a lot. Yesterday when we got home we were tired and our feet hurt. Louise had barely recovered from being jolted awake on the train by a mariachi band. So we were ready for a day of calm without a museum visit.

Our Seattle friends the Volpes (Virginie-who is French-, Lucie, Annae and Paul) moved to Paris from Seattle a week ago, so we met up with them at a park near our apartment called the Arènes de Lutece.

The park was formerly an arena where, according to this sign, they held nautical bouts, gladiator matches, and wild animal fights in the second century AD. The park, which is lovely and full of shade and unexpected nooks, still looks a bit like a Roman arena. Though the only shouts we heard today were from the summer camp kids playing.

We met Virginie, Lucie and Annae, and chatted about their big move and the « delight » that is French bureaucracy. They are having fun and getting to know their neighborhood. It was weird and delightful to see someone from Seattle in a new setting, with both Virginie and me returning to spend time in Paris after many years.

After that we walked back to the apartment, but not before stopping at a crepe place nearby, where we all bought delicious crepes made right in front of us. Pictures are not available due to the speed with which the crepes were eaten.

After that Elisabeth decided to stay home and rest, and Steve, Louise and Claire went to the Jardin des Plantes and —the true destination— the Totoro bubble tea shop.

The girls ordered their own tea, Elisabeth was very proud.

Steve did encounter this statue at the Jardin des Plantes:

It’s a lion. And yes, that is a human foot in its mouth.

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