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Ham and sunsets

Updated: Sep 10

On Friday we visited the nearby town of Bayonne, famous for its ham. We took the (very swank) city bus, and it dropped us off in the center of town by the river.

Bayonne had the same old town feel that San Sebastian did: narrow winding streets, little shops and restaurants. Basque architecture was everywhere, with many houses displaying the beams on their facade; traditional colors are red and green, but we saw blue ones as well. And some extremely narrow houses!

We walked around, saw the Sainte Marie de Bayonne church, and had lunch near the covered market.

After lunch we had to have ice cream at the Louise ice cream shop.

We wandered some more, and then headed back to Biarritz. We did not take ham or cheese to go.

Saturday night, Steve and Elisabeth belatedly celebrated their 16th wedding anniversary at Helbidea, just down the street from the apartment. They enjoyed delicious locally sourced dishes.

Goat cheese and vegetable mille-feuille and Merlu ceviche

Chicken supreme with zucchini and eggplant and Tuna with mashed sweet potatoes

That was really good! Those sweet potatoes were outstanding!

Crème brûlée with strawberries and Gateau Basque

Then, a walk on the beach, just in time for sunset.

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