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Happy Anniversary and Bastille Day!

Updated: Sep 10

After Elisabeth had posted the blog last night, she went out for a drink with a friend she had not seen for decades. Elisabeth and Emmanuelle were neighbors in the building where they grew up, and they spent lots of time together from toddlerhood on. Elisabeth had contacted Emmanuelle by leaving a message at her work weeks before starting the trip but had never heard back. Late yesterday Emmanuelle got in touch—she had just found the lost post-it with Elisabeth’s email on it! They sat at a nearby restaurant and caught up for hours. Excellent timing!

After a morning livened up by watching the 14th of July parade on YouTube and hearing the jets fly over our heads IRL, we decided to go the mall at Chatelet. Steve had gone to the Musee Cluny to see medieval things including unicorn tapestries.

We then went to the Forum des Halles and the FNAC where we purchased delightful school supplies and Elisabeth got to remember going to the FNAC to pick up concert tickets in the 80s.

After Les Halles we finally made it to our last big tourist destination:

Things were still busy because of all the parade crowds from that morning, but we admired the Arc de Triomphe and walked down Paris’ most famous avenue.

Because it was still very hot we stopped at the Brasserie Leon and had treats and refreshing beverages.

It was all delicious. In case anyone is wondering, those orange drinks are Aperol Spritzes. So nice on a hot day!

We took the RER A and the Metro Line 1, both lines Elisabeth took often during her time in this area. It was fun to walk those white tiled corridors.

And finally, happy 16th wedding anniversary to us! What a great way to celebrate! ❤️

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