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Hot and Cold

Updated: Sep 10

We got on the plane with just a small delay, and we saw what everyone wants to see when they sit in their seats: an empty seat next to you.

Steve and Claire had an empty third in their row, and so did Louise and Elisabeth. We were able to stretch out a little (though Elisabeth was very jealous of the lady across from her who had three seats to herself). We got some sleep over the six hour flight, but we were all a little peaked when we landed at 10am Iceland time.

So, when we landed we had to take the bus to the gate. So we had to walk outside. It was really windy. In fact, we looked over at one point at some of the passengers who had already gotten off the bus, and we saw a round thing roll by on the tarmac—it was someone’s hat that had been blown off their head. The owner risked life and limb to get it back, so it must have been a nice one.

We rented a car and drove to Reykjavik, and found free parking near Hallgrimskirkja, the large church in the center of town. However, it was still very windy.

And drizzly bordering on rainy. And cold.

We were very tired and hungry since they didn’t really feed us on the plane, so we found a lovely cafe (Cafe Loki), and loaded up on caffeine and had some healthy dishes (Steve had Meat Soup, which was hearty and nutritious-the meat was specified, it was lamb), and some less healthy dishes like Pancake with Cream and Jame (Louise and Claire). It was all very good, and we left feeling reinvigorated. We then walked down to the waterfront and admired the art on the walking path.

We saw a beautiful modern building that Elisabeth had seen in one of the Icelandic TV shows she had watched, and found out it is the opera.

Then since we were starting to flag a little bit, and realizing that we would not last another 2-3 hours walking around (and honestly feeling like we would run out of things to see), we decided to walk back to the car to check in at our hotel before going to the Blue Lagoon. We ended up walking through Reykjavik’s cute downtown with lots of tourist stores, restaurants, and luxury Icelandic goods. So many sheepskin based items.

We caught our breath for a little while at our hotel, and then left to discover the Blue Lagoon.

The Blue Lagoon is a world renowned spa where you bathe in the milky blue waters from geothermal springs. We decided not to take any phones into the water, but hopefully you can get an idea from the pictures we took outside.

The water was from 2000 meters underground, and 104 F. The air was about 50 degrees F and the wind was still blowing, which created this intense roiling mist on the surface of the lagoon. It was really cool. We soaked for a good while and felt thankful to be in such a unique place.

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