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Updated: Sep 10

Last night Elisabeth thought she had gotten a bad sunburn on her lower legs. They looked a little splotchy, and felt a little itchy. This morning she woke up to a giant inexplicable rash on both lower legs—and itchy, yuck. So she went to the French pharmacy, as one does, and the pharmacist gave her Zyrtec.  « It’s probably not really an allergy but you can treat the symtoms, though you might want to go to a doctor to be sure. ». She then recommended an urgent care that was a few blocks away.

Steve and Elisabeth were out getting pains au chocolat, so they thought, « why not? », and sauntered over to the urgent care. (Elisabeth did not know that urgent care was even a thing in France). Elisabeth was seen within about 30 minutes of walking through the door by a doctor who stated it was allergies and prescribed another antihistamine. The total cost WITHOUT INSURANCE OF ANY KIND was 25 euros, which is about $25.

So that was pretty great. So far the meds are not doing much but Elisabeth was told that it might take 24 hours to start working. We will spare you the pictures of this hideous rash, and let’s just say Elisabeth will be wearing her long skirt until it goes away.

Once home, Steve decided to go see the Pantheon, and went exploring on his own. He did indeed see the Pantheon as well as a very old church near the apartment. Parts of that church date from King Clovis (466-511AD).

We had a lunch date that had been planned for many months: seeing Elisabeth's middle school and high school friend Giuseppe. We met at a lovely Vietnamese restaurant (Foyer mon Vietnam), and had an excellent lunch with Juju, his girlfriend Virginie and Juju’s son Maceo. There was a lot of speaking in French, and Louise, Claire and Steve were very patient. After several hours, we adjourned to a nearby terrace for drinks and, in the case of Louise and Claire, dessert. It was very hot today (97 degrees) so we could not stay out too long, but we had a wonderful time chatting about memories and updating each other on family members. Claire made a new friend, a Yorky/Chihuahua mix named Khaa.

We all left with the hope that we will not wait 16 years to see each other again!

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