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Prairie Dogs, and a 6 ft. Rabbit

Updated: Sep 10

Last night in an attempt to walk Bailey somewhere other than the sad grass strip by the road, Steve and I walked through the enormous parking lot of the high school across the street from the hotel (Go Central High Cobblers!) toward the Berlin Wall Memorial listed on the map. We found the Berlin Wall Memorial as well as a lovely park along Rapid Creek.

There is a dinosaur on the hill in that picture. Did you spot it?

In the morning, we headed to the Badlands National Park, now, sadly, the only national park on our itinerary. If any of you have driven through South Dakota, you will remember the many many signs for Wall Drug. We saw those signs, and we had to stop.

It was exactly as I remembered it. The rest of the family was able to experience it for the first time.

Then the spectacular Badlands. The weather was beautiful, though it steadily got very hot, and we were thankful for the air conditioning in the car.

The Badlands are so unique and beautiful, an unexpected craggy landscape in the middle of the prairie.

Speaking of prairie—did you miss the marmots? Here we have prairie dogs (no pictures yet). They are everywhere and adorable.

BREAKING NEWS: MR. PICKLES HAS BEEN FOUND! And he is being sent to Gramma’s!

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