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St. Malo inside and outside

Updated: Sep 10

As you many have heard, France was hot yesterday. Brittany, which usually has very Seattle-like weather, got up to 104F. Very few businesses have A/C, and it is unheard of in private homes. Thankfully for us, St. Malo is full of stone buildings with thick walls, and narrow streets full of shade, so we beat the heat by staying home. We did venture out briefly, and regretted it immediately.

This is a picture of a “pétanque Bretonne” court (similar to bocci ball), right outside the walls, deserted in the heat.

Today started out a little rough, since Elisabeth found out she had not been accepted into the ultrasound technician program she had applied to. But she managed to overcome her disappointment by having some delicious pastries for breakfast and taking a refreshing and invigorating swim in the ocean.

We then walked around town and shopped, though it had *gasp* started raining. Elisabeth bought a lovely mariniere (totally different from her other striped shirts), and Claire considered a cozy hoodie from the same shop. Louise found a Breton bowl with her name on it, and Claire continued her search for one with her middle name Eliane (one was spotted but she didn’t like the inside decoration).

We found a creperie with a table available (everyone had come off the beach to avoid the rain and it was peak French lunchtime), and had a tasty lunch of crepes. We remembered to take pictures!

Then, we walked around and got dessert.

Claire got Cookie, Louise got Amarina, and Elisabeth got Vacherin Fraise, a combination of strawberry sorbet and a type of local cheese.:)

We inquired about bus schedules and parking for our Bayeux excursion tomorrow, and saw the beach on the southeast side of the city, right outside the walls. The beach was quite large and we learned they plant trees along the wall to act as a break water. Apparently they have to replace the trees every few years. We have not seen this on any other beach before.

The seagulls here (“goélands”) are very loud.

Tomorrow we pick up a rental car and take an overnight trip to Bayeux to see the tapestry and the DDay beaches.

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