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Time Traveling

Updated: Sep 10

We left Rapid City and pointed the mighty Forester in the direction of Sioux City, Iowa (not to be confused with Sioux Falls, South Dakota).

Grasslands gave way to fields planted with young eager crops, and we drove out of the hills and into flatter terrain.

Since we’ve driven many hours in the state, we’ve come to realize that South Dakota doesn’t like to interfere with anyone’s freedom to drive however they’d like to drive. Turn signals aren’t really a thing, crosswalks are not a priority, the speed limit is 80mph, and signs are suggestions.

We stopped for lunch at the Lewis and Clark Overlook/Museum/Rest Stop and admired the very large statue of Dignity of Earth and Sky, a 50ft sculpture by Dale Lamphere “My intent is to have the sculpture stand as an enduring symbol of our shared belief that we are in a sacred place and that we are all sacred.”

Did we mention it was HOT? So hot.

While we were driving, a little before we stopped for lunch at what was surely the coolest and most educational rest stop in South Dakota, we glanced at the dashboard clock to see when we were switching to Central time. The clock went from 10:25 to 11:25. “We went over the time zone!” we all exclaimed. Then the clock went back to 10:25. We were perplexed. A few minutes later, we were back to 11:25 and central time.

We arrived in Sioux City (which is right on the SD border and a bridge away from Nebraska), and checked into the Stoney Creek Hotel which is very luxurious and full of interesting decor. It is also near the Hard Rock Cafe and many restaurants and conveniences (a Walgreens!). It is also right on top of a pokestop and a pokemon gym, so very convenient for me.

Health update: Steve tested positive after definitely sounding sick for a few days. The girls are still negative (hang in there Claire!). I will wait to test until we get to Illinois.

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