• Elisabeth Fleming-Prot

Tuesday June 14 (before departure)

We are so ready: we've packed our backpacks, we've brushed (and brushed) the dog, we've reserved all of our lodging for two months, we've done (most of) the laundry. What could go wrong?

Nature. That's what. More "unprecedented times".

Yellowstone (our planned second stop after Spokane) is flooded. It looks bad. And it looks like access to the park and to the general area are going to be difficult for a while.


So we are doing the thing that COVID has taught us to do even if we were sometimes, let's say, overly attached to our original plans (and by we I mean me). We are pivoting to a different itinerary that unfortunately does not include beautiful Yellowstone.

With the help of the unflappable and quick thinking Kerri Dickson of Sapphire Adventures, we are leaving a day later (Sunday June 19th) and going from Seattle to Spokane to Bozeman instead of Spokane to Yellowstone for two nights.

We feel fortunate not to be on the road with the kids and the dog as these developments are happening. Four days is plenty of time to plan. And, of course, we hope that everyone in the Yellowstone area, tourists and locals alike, is safe.

It's fine. Everything is fine.

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