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Visit to Versailles

Updated: Sep 10

We took the metro and then the RER (the regional train) from a few blocks from our apartment to Versailles out in the suburbs (very close to where Elisabeth grew up).

Cat ad in the metro

We had a lovely lunch at a brasserie near the train station, and then walked on to Versailles, where the girls were impressed by all the gold.

The front door

We walked through and admired the paintings, sculptures, and many chandeliers. It was good to be the king in pre-revolution France, apparently.

The hall of mirrors was next:

We then wandered around a bit, and at the end of the day watched an equestrian show performed in the old stables of the palace. The riding and the horses were spectacular, and we all enjoyed it (even the non horse people). Claire wants to go riding again when we get back to Illinois.

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