• Elisabeth Fleming-Prot

We are on the road!

We may have packed a tiny bit too much food.

But of course the 2020s are gonna 2020 and Louise and I are COVID positive. Thank you high school students who can’t wear a mask. Claire is fine and has no symptoms so far. Steve, who is double boosted like I am, has a scratchy throat but is still testing negative.

We have decided to add 3 nights at a hotel at the end of our roadtrip so we can avoid infecting any of the Flemings.

But on to more fun things! We are in beautiful Spokane, Washington, home of Gonzaga University and the cutest marmots!

They are everywhere near the hotel where we are staying (the Ruby River hotel—super cute would recommend!). Claire (and Bailey) want to stay here forever .

We are already experiencing family togetherness by listening to the first book of the Dresden Files in the car. The feedback so far is that it’s good but the main character is too thirsty. To be fair, it’s been a while since I’ve read this first book. I stand by my recommendation that this is one of the few series that will appeal to everyone.

We have walked along the Centennial Trail and found it delightful, marmots and all.

Next stop Bozeman Montana!

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