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We're home!

Updated: Sep 10

After Omaha, we stopped in Cheyenne WY, and then Park City UT, and Boise ID.

On the way to Cheyenne, we were looking for ways to break up the drive (highway 80 in Nebraska is...long). We had been looking for a coffee shop in Omaha, but Google gave us a wide ranging list of options, and we happened upon a coffee shop named "Cowboys, Corgis and Coffee". It was in Curtis, NE, about an hour out of our way, but we clearly had to go. The drive off highway 80 was much more scenic (hills!) and we ended up in Curtis, population 1,000, for lunch and coffee. We chatted with the owner and the barista (we were the only ones there), and we had delicious food and drinks. Highly recommend Cowboys, Corgis and Coffee if you're in that area!

The famous Oreo sploot

The Corgichino

The landscape definitely changed once we got into Wyoming.

We stopped in Green River for lunch, and had a picnic on Expedition Island, a cute park on the Green River. The rock formations around there were spectacular.

More Wyoming road pictures:

Park City was lovely, we were right by what must have been some of the Olympic ski facilities.

On Monday we finally left highway 80 to head north towards Boise.

We stopped for lunch at an overlook on the Snake River.

Boise was not as amazing as Elisabeth remembered from her last cross country trip. The hotel we stayed in was not the best (they actually gave us a key to a room that had people in it), and it was very hot.

Then Elisabeth and Louise came down with might have been food poisoning, so that made the last drive of the trip--one of the longest ones--extra interesting. Let's just say we got to visit many of the rest stops in Idaho, Oregon and Washington. Oregon definitely had the nicest ones. Steve drove the whole way, and we were happy to finally brave rush hour traffic in Seattle.

It's nice to be home! Alex and Bailey were finally reunited. Bailey was probably happier about that than Alex.

Thank you to everyone who supported us during this trip! To Dot and Linda for watching our house and Alex while we were away, to Patti who took care of Bailey and sent us daily pictures and videos, and to Dorothy and all the Flemings who took such great care of us while we were in Illinois! This was a life-changing trip, and we will never forget it.

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