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Updated: Sep 10

We are back in the U.S.!

Our train ride from Biarritz to Paris was pleasant and fast.

We decided to take a taxi from the Gare Montparnasse to the airport instead of taking the metro and RER with all our heavy bags. We’ve had pretty good luck with taxis so far, but this one was…not great. Since we were going to a hotel in the airport but not to an airport terminal the driver didn’t want to give us the flat rate fare. So we asked him to drop us at one of the terminals instead (the metered fare would have been outrageous). He said he would drop us at our hotel for ten extra euros over the flat rate, which we agreed to. Then he didn’t take us to the right hotel. We aren’t sure he was an actual taxi driver — he spent a lot of time staring at Google maps to figure how to get to the airport, but we did get a whirlwind trip through the monuments of Paris one last time, especially as he nearly crashed into the Arc de Triomphe.

We finally made it to our hotel at the airport, the Innside, which was trendy and fun, and had a decent restaurant. We had drinks and food and enjoyed our connecting rooms (2 bathrooms!).

The view of the airport from our rooms.

The other side of the mirror-very photogenic!

The next day was a long one because of the time difference. We said good-bye to France and flew to Iceland. We had a four-and-a-half hour layover in the airport.

We have not spent a lot of time in Iceland, but much of the time we have been there, it has been terrible weather. This day was foggy and cold, and we could hear the wind whistling outside. We were reminded of the mug we saw in a store in Reykjavik: Iceland, it’s not only cold, it’s also really expensive.

Our flight to O’Hare felt long because we were tired, and the plane was full. We landed about 9:30 and got to our nearby hotel at 11pm. We were excited to have fluffy American pillows again! And air conditioning!

The next day, we reunited with Bailey!

We had lunch with Patti at Fat Rosie’s Tacos & Tequila.

We had lunch with Patti, then we drove to Grandma’s for a couple of days of rest. Claire and Louise walked Grandma through our adventures in France.

Today we said goodbye to Grandma (thank you for having us!) and we started the last portion of our vacation: the road-trip home.

We weren’t sure if we would fit everything in the car, but we managed! (the ottoman made by Uncle Larry is there on the right—thank you, Larry!)

We are staying in Omaha NE, and trying to overcome our jet lag. Early bedtimes for us!

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